Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Telegram Pushes Ahead With Plans for ‘Gram’ Cryptocurrency | NYT

Later in the article: "Telegram promised in legal documents that it would deliver Grams to investors by Oct. 31, 2019, or give back the money. The company is now racing to get the coins out before that deadline."
"While Facebook’s big cryptocurrency plans have hit a wall with regulators, another big social network, Telegram, is charging ahead with its own digital currency.

Telegram has told investors that it is planning to send out the first batches of its coin, the Gram, within the next two months, according to three investors who have spoken with Telegram recently.

Telegram is also planning to make Gram digital wallets available to the 200 million to 300 million global users of Telegram’s messaging application, said the investors, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they had signed nondisclosure agreements."
Telegram Pushes Ahead With Plans for ‘Gram’ Cryptocurrency | NYT

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