Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Apple’s Bullish Position on Augmented Reality | Tech.pinions

From a timely Apple AR reality check
"What is intriguing about Apple’s role in AR, is that they are most likely the company that will bring AR to the masses. There is a lot of work going on in AR from many companies but almost all are making AR devices in siloed efforts. While Google is the other company that could challenge Apple head on, the fragmentation of Android will make it harder for them to gain the kind of quick buy in where a IOS and its earlier iterations in most cases will allow for backward compatibility from any AR app or related solutions Apple brings to market. I do suspect that a special version of an iPhone that will be optimized for some type of AR glasses will be designed to maximize the experience. But, I also think that Apple will make AR glasses work with existing iPhones too, albeit without some extra AR capabilities that would come with an iPhone designed around glasses as an extension of the AR experience.

An iPhone will be the delivery system for most AR apps from Apple, but Apple clearly understands that some type of goggle or headset also needs to be part of their AR solution. They have many patents in the works on AR but the most recent patent applied for shows a mixed reality headset that tracks your whole face.

While it is impossible to completely decipher what Tim Cook and team are talking about when they say that they are excited about what is in Apple’s pipeline, I am convinced that the greatest excitement is around what they are doing in AR and how that will impact Apple’s longer term growth."
Apple’s Bullish Position on Augmented Reality | Tech.pinions

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