Monday, November 17, 2008

Technology Review: Expanding the Mobile Web

See the full article for more details, e.g., iPhone users won’t participate…

Today, in an effort to bring more of the Web to mobile devices, Adobe and microchip maker ARM, which powers 90 percent of mobile phones worldwide, have announced a collaboration to ensure that Adobe's software runs well on future ARM devices.

Specifically, the companies say that Adobe's Flash Player 10 and AIR (a platform for building complex Web applications) will be compatible and optimized for the ARM chips available in 2009. While ARM is used in a huge number of mobile phones, the announcement has broader implications: the chips are also used in set-top boxes, mobile Internet devices, personal media players, and automotive platforms.

I’m at Adobe MAX this week and will be adding more Adobe-related posts over the next few days.

Technology Review: Expanding the Mobile Web

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