Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mark Logic CEO Blog: Unlearning the Relational Model

Another timely reality check from Dave Kellogg, who has a deep background in database and content management.

Thanks to a Google Alert I stumbled into this interesting post entitled The Content Imperative: Unlearning the Relational Model in another CEO blog, that of Joel Amoussou of Montreal-based Efasoft.

Check the full post for some excerpts/details.

I’ll share some relations/resources rants in a future post; for now, suffice it to say:

1. I fundamentally disagree with implicit or explicit assertions that the relational model is running out of steam.

2. I think that DBMS + XML (full-fidelity XML information management in DBMSs) is going to be very successful, and deeply disruptive for business-as-usual in content/document/image/records management domains.

3. I also believe Mark Logic has a great product; these things are not mutually exclusive – despite the occasional posts/etc. from XML information management types suggesting otherwise…

Mark Logic CEO Blog: Unlearning the Relational Model

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