Thursday, November 20, 2008

Platformonomics - A Little Sunshine

Charlesf on Sun’s trajectory; see the full post for more insights

So what happens next?  At one point today, if you netted out cash, Sun as a business was worth about $4 million (less with committed downsizing costs).  Maybe Fujitsu gets interested again as they unwind their Siemens partnership.  They would probably pay $4 million for SPARC.  But with the cash position, anyone could come along and cherry pick a very small asset out of Sun and walk away from the rest.  Maybe the econalypse (I am still looking for a good name for the "current economic situation" -- leave any ideas in the comments) precludes this, but current Sun situation isn't sustainable.

I still think a joint HP/Oracle deal would optimize what remains of Sun (e.g., HP takes Sun’s hardware and services, and Oracle takes Sun’s software and related patents)

Platformonomics - A Little Sunshine

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