Saturday, November 15, 2008

SAP and Microsoft, Watch Your Back - BusinessWeek

A timely snapshot, but I don’t think Google has a strategic or structural competitive advantage in this context

Google Apps, Linux, and other free or inexpensive systems are winning more fans in the corporate world


These technologies existed during the last recession, but they were immature. Now they're established, and the downturn seems likely to hasten their adoption. Chief among them are software delivered over the Internet, known as cloud computing, such as Google Apps; so-called virtualization software, which allows companies to run multiple applications on a single server computer; and open-source software, which is created collaboratively by multiple companies and is typically less expensive than the traditional kind. "These are tools that management can use to get through a crisis," says Michael Hickey, president of the Business Insight Div. of Pitney Bowes in Stamford, Conn., who just bought software from on-demand supplier

SAP and Microsoft, Watch Your Back - BusinessWeek

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