Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Intel unveils 'Web 2.0' software suite | CNET

Intel offering a collaboration software suite --  interesting times.  Kim Polese, as CEO of SpikeSource, which Intel is contracting to assemble the suite, gains at least fifteen minutes of Bubble 2.0 fame...

Called SuiteTwo, the package will include software from Six Apart, Socialtext, NewsGator and SimpleFeed. These are small software companies that provide applications for blogs, RSS feeds, wikis and social networking.


The cost for the software, which can be installed with a single click, will cost between $175-$200 per user per year and will include regular updates.

The article also notes that Intel Capital has invested in both SpikeSource and Six Apart, and has an option to invest in the other companies participating in SuiteTwo.

Source: Intel unveils 'Web 2.0' software suite | CNET

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