Saturday, November 11, 2006

PlayStation 3 on Rescue Mission - New York Times

Meanwhile, my Xbox 360 updated itself when I last turned it on, and now it can download videos etc.

Indeed, analysts say, Sony cannot afford for PlayStation 3 to be anything less than a smashing success. Sony’s chief executive, Howard Stringer, has proclaimed that Sony’s future depends on creating “champion products,” the pathbreaking hits that earn high profits and keep the company ahead of cheaper Chinese and South Korean rivals. Even in consoles, a category it has long dominated, Sony is already a year behind the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. It will compete head-to-head with Nintendo’s Wii, which will be introduced this month.

But analysts say PlayStation 3 is the only product currently visible in Sony’s development pipeline with real “champion” potential.

Source: PlayStation 3 on Rescue Mission - New York Times

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