Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Apple, Airlines Agree To Offer iPod Connection - WSJ.com


In the meantime, salespeople at two retailers I called today that have Zune on their web sites (CompUSA and Wal-Mart) hadn't heard of Zune when I called to ask if they had Zunes in stock at the local stores.  Not an encouraging leading indicator for Microsoft. 

Apple Computer Inc. struck deals with six airlines to integrate its iPod portable music and video players into in-flight entertainment systems.

Apple said Tuesday the airlines, which include Air France-KLM, Continental Airlines Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc., Emirates Airlines, and United Airlines, a unit of UAL Corp., will begin offering passengers seat connections that will power and charge iPods while allowing video content contained on the devices to be played on seat-back monitors. The connections will be available on planes by mid-2007, Apple said.

Source: Apple, Airlines Agree To Offer iPod Connection - WSJ.com

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