Monday, November 20, 2006

IBM Software - The Future of Enterprise Collaboration (Lotusphere session)

I'm speaking at Lotusphere in January.  I last spoke there ~11 years ago, when I was running Notes product management.  Hope to see you in Orlando...

The industry is poised for a communication/collaboration renaissance phase, despite some turbulent times during recent years, with both IBM and Microsoft  making sweeping changes to their ommunication/collaboration product lines, and with the (constructively) disruptive influence of blogs, wikis, and assorted types of "social software." This session includes an overview of the past, present, and likely future of enterprise collaboration, focusing on IBM's role in the broader market landscape.

Source: IBM Software - Conferences

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Anonymous said...

Great news. I have penciled your session in and look forward to meeting you.


Bruce Elgort