Tuesday, May 10, 2005

WSJ.com - More Employees Are Using the Web at Work

WSJ.com - More Employees Are Using the Web at Work: "In an annual survey by Websense, a San Diego computer security company, 93% of the workers polled spent some time on the Web while at work, an increase of seven percentage points from a year earlier.
The average time spent during the workweek accessing the Internet for all workers polled, is 10.5 hours, an 18% increase from the 8.9 hours in 2004.
Of the employees using the Internet at work, 51% access nonwork sites for about one to five hours a week; 5%, six to 10 hours; and 2%, 11 hours or more. An average of 3.4 hours a week was spent at such sites by each employee, a slight increase from 3.3 hours in the year-earlier poll."

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