Thursday, May 12, 2005 :: mobile social software (acquired by Google) :: mobile social software (acquired by Google): "What is it? is a new social networking site built specifically for mobile phones.
What does it do? Give me an example.
The idea is simple: tell us where you are and we'll tell you who and what is around you.
We'll ping your friends with your whereabouts, let you know when friends-of-friends are within 10 blocks, allow you to broadcast content to anyone within 10 blocks of you or blast messages to your groups of friends.
For example... You're having drinks at Luna Lounge. Send a text message to with the message '@Luna Lounge' and we'll send out a text message telling all your friends where you are AND send you back a message letting you know if any friends-of-friends are within 10 blocks. If you have a camera phone, we'll even send you their picture. "

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