Tuesday, May 17, 2005

NewsGator Buys FeedDemon (Chris Pirillo)

NewsGator Buys FeedDemon (Chris Pirillo): "Q: But Nick, I thought you were doing just fine. Why are you doing this with NewsGator?
Nick: Well, over the past year I've heard countless customers asking to be able to synchronize their feeds between computers -- they want to use FeedDemon at work, at home, while traveling, etc., and not have to read the same articles again just because they're using a different computer. This has been -- by far -- the number one request from FeedDemon customers. But doing this right required a server-side piece that was beyond what my one-person company could handle, so I knew I needed to join forces with someone. Then I read the "NewsGator platform roadmap" post in Greg's blog, in which he outlined NewsGator's plans -- and right then I knew NewsGator was the company I needed to join with.
Q: I’ve been a FeedDemon customer since the beginning. What will happen to me?
Nick: So, here’s the deal: NewsGator uses a subscription model, and FeedDemon will become part of their subscription plans. All existing FeedDemon customers will get a two-year business standard subscription for *free* - and this includes upgrades to FeedDemon. In other words, you’ll get brand new versions of FeedDemon and a subscription to NewsGator Online *free* for the next two years."

I'm very happy to see this, as a FeedDemon customer who uses the product on multiple computers. Via Dave Winer.

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