Monday, May 16, 2005

ongoing: Raining on the Parade

ongoing: Raining on the Parade: "I guess it's good that Steve and Scott made nice, and there's no doubt that when the customers tell you to interoperate, then you bloody well interoperate, so it was a good piece of work (see Pat Patterson's take in a comment on his own blog). But this glue for linking to Microsoft's WS-Federation is a second-rate solution at best. Among other reasons, WS-Federation is yet another WS-backroom spec that might change (or go away) any time the people in the backroom want it to; not something I'd advise betting on. If you have products from any two vendors that implement Liberty Alliance specs properly, well, they interoperate. Single sign-on? Yawn. Pretty well everybody is a member, oh except Microsoft. If the customers want single sign-on (and they do want single sign-on), Microsoft should bloody well join Liberty and implement the specs, then they'll have interoperation with everyone, not just Sun."

(Sun employee) Tim Bray on the MS/Sun news. See original post for links.

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