Monday, May 09, 2005

[print version] A blog revolution? Get a grip | CNET

[print version] A blog revolution? Get a grip | CNET "At a time when media conferences like 'Les Blogs' in Paris two weeks ago debate the potential of the form, and when BusinessWeek declares, as it did on its May 2 cover, that 'Blogs Will Change Your Business,' Denton is withering in his contempt. A blog, he says, is much better at tearing things down--people, careers, brands--than it is at building them up. As for the blog revolution, Denton put it this way: 'Give me a break.'
'The hype comes from unemployed or partially employed marketing professionals and people who never made it as journalists wanting to believe,' he said. 'They want to believe there's going to be this new revolution and their lives are going to be changed.'"

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