Saturday, May 21, 2005

'Blink' Meets 'Freakonomics' - New York Times

'Blink' Meets 'Freakonomics' - New York Times: "Naturally, readers are drawn to the blog, which picks up where the book leaves off. And unlike a lot of writers who blog their books with a seeming reluctance, the authors, Steven D. Levitt, an economist, and Stephen J. Dubner, a journalist, take to it with the same zeal they applied to their book, and the blog is abuzz with activity.
For example, Mr. Levitt tells of an e-mail message he recently received from a fellow trend-tracker, Malcolm Gladwell: A man approached Mr. Gladwell at the Toronto airport, asked for an autograph, and pulled out a copy of 'Freakonomics' for him to sign. 'We are totally co-branded!' Mr. Gladwell wrote. "

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