Saturday, May 14, 2005

Former foes Ballmer, McNealy report on alliance

Former foes Ballmer, McNealy report on alliance: "Moreover, McNealy -- whose past barbs comparing the design of Windows to a hairball and likening Gates and Ballmer to Beavis and Butthead punctuated the long Sun-Microsoft rivalry -- could not resist redirecting his fire at IBM, a sometime ally. Referring to the effect of the Sun-Microsoft collaboration on IBM, he said, 'If it cuts out a very large New York-based company, I don't care.'
One technology direction mentioned only briefly, but potentially of great significance to Sun, was the company's licensing of a Microsoft software specification known as RDP, or remote display protocol. This will make it possible for Sun to display Windows programs on its low-cost Sun Ray display station. Customers will be able not only to centralize computing but potentially to replace some Windows PCs as well.
The company is hoping to interest Internet service providers in offering inexpensive Sun Ray devices to consumers as alternatives to PCs."

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