Friday, May 13, 2005 - Microsoft Gambles With Xbox 360 - Microsoft Gambles With Xbox 360: "The box is a gamble. It could give Microsoft the lead in the $25 billion videogame market and help establish it as a force in home entertainment. It also could become one of the company's most expensive failures. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates concedes the risk in pushing forward a game strategy he launched in 2001 with the first Xbox but is confident it will pay off. 'Three years from now,' he said in an interview, 'the world will see that was one of the gutsiest decisions that we ever made.'
The Xbox 360 will connect with PCs running Microsoft's Media Center Edition of Windows XP, a version of the operating system aimed at consumer uses. The feature is clearly aimed at consumers who might use the Xbox 360 with their television sets to view videos, music, pictures and other files from their PCs. Mr. Gates badly wanted this feature, which could help attract PC users who aren't necessarily gamers."

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