Wednesday, June 30, 2004

XAML Today

XAML Today: "When Longhorn is released, developers and organizations will face a challenge: do we build for Longhorn and sacrifice backward compatibility; do we build for pre-Longhorn versions of Windows and sacrifice the benefits of Avalon/XAML; or do we develop two versions in parallel, with the difficulties and costs that entails? This dilemma can be expected to persist for years, as Longhorn slowly approaches majority adoption.
There is a better way. By beginning to use XAML now, and by choosing a XAML engine that will evolve with Microsoft?9s spec while remaining stable and dependable, developers gain a host of benefits:
XAML applications built today will port to Longhorn.
Applications built in XAML today benefit immediately from the portability, manageability and security offered by Longhorn?9s two-tier programming model.
XAML experience gained today will be in demand and valuable as Longhorn adoption grows.
Applications written for Longhorn after its release will work with pre-Longhorn versions of Windows. "

(Xamlon's value proposition)

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