Monday, June 07, 2004

BEA's Bosworth Brews Alchemy

BEA's Bosworth Brews Alchemy: "At Borland Software Corp., Microsoft Corp., his startup Crossgain and now as chief architect at BEA Systems Inc., Adam Bosworth has shepherded more than his share of XML and Internet standards. Now, with his WebLogic Workshop framework released as the open-source Beehive project, Bosworth is setting his sights on extending the browser via the Alchemy intelligent caching framework and conversation with the server. In an exclusive chat with eWEEK Senior Writer Darryl K. Taft and Contributing Editor Steve Gillmor at BEA's eWorld developer conference, Bosworth explored Alchemy's role in BEA's move to the next generation of service-oriented architecture and its implications in the development of new information routers. "

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