Saturday, June 12, 2004 Famed HP Labs Fellow Kay to Receive Kyoto Prize Famed HP Labs Fellow Kay to Receive Kyoto Prize: "Renowned computer scientist and Silicon Valley legend Alan Kay will be awarded one of technology's highest honors, the Kyoto Prize, Hewlett-Packard Co., where Kay works as a researcher, said on Thursday.
It is Kay's third major scientific award this year, Palo Alto, California-based HP said in a statement.
Earlier this month, Kay received the Association of Computing Machinery's 2003 Turing Award for leading the team that invented Smalltalk and for fundamental contributions to personal computing. The Turing award carries a $100,000 cash award.
In February, Kay and three former colleagues from Xerox PARC -- Butler Lampson, Robert Taylor and Charles Thacker -- shared the National Academy of Engineering's 2004 Charles Stark Draper Price for the development of a networked personal computer. The $500,000 award recognizes engineers whose accomplishments have significantly benefited society."

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