Friday, June 18, 2004

Nick Bradbury: How Microsoft Lost the API War

Nick Bradbury: How Microsoft Lost the API War: "Joel Spolsky's recent essay on Microsoft's API shift is a slam dunk. It's a long article (as blog posts go), but it's a must-read for developers.
Funny enough, I seriously considered moving my development to .NET by writing FeedDemon 1.0 in C#. The C# language itself is very nice, and .NET certainly makes some things a lot easier than Win32. But several existing RSS readers received poor reviews due to their .NET-related memory usage, and requiring the 20MB .NET runtime is suicide for most downloadable shareware apps. So, in the end I stuck with Delphi, which I'd used to create both TopStyle and HomeSite. Delphi creates standalone (ie: no runtime) Win32 executables, which for the moment makes it a better choice for shareware."

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