Wednesday, June 09, 2004

)CRN | Study: Microsoft Dominates In Web Services Space

CRN | Study: Microsoft Dominates In Web Services Space: "Microsoft dominates in the emerging Web services market, a trend that is only likely to continue as .NET commands as ever-greater share of developer mind space, according to the spring 2004 Web Services Development Survey by Evans Data.
Confusion abounds in the area of standards, the survey found. Beyond the very basic Web services standards such as XML, XML Schema, and SOAP, most developers were unfamiliar with other standards, including WSDL and UDDI, two standards at the core of Web services. Only 50 percent of respondents had heard of WSDL, for example, and since WSDL is arguably the most important Web services standard, 'this is an unwelcome result,' concluded the authors of the report. Developers were evenly divided on whether standards confusion could hurt their Web services efforts."

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