Thursday, June 17, 2004

Microsoft stock buyback may be in works

Microsoft stock buyback may be in works "Microsoft Corp. may be poised to repurchase billions of dollars worth of its stock to reduce its huge cash balance and improve its share price, a Goldman Sachs analyst says.
Rick Sherlund, who has followed the Redmond software company since it first sold shares to the public 18 years ago, wrote in a report published Monday that he expects the company to announce "a large share repurchase program and possibly a special distribution of cash, as well, to address the current cash position."
Microsoft has more than $56 billion in cash. Sherlund noted that it also has $15 billion in what he described as "strategic investments." Under one scenario, Sherlund wrote, the company could borrow an additional $30 billion and buy back as much as $100 billion of its stock. Microsoft is currently debt-free."

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