Thursday, June 10, 2004

Welcome to LoganWiFi [Boston Logan Airport now wireless]

Welcome to "A1The Logan Wi-Fi system is available in nearly all public areas of Terminals B, C, D & E.
A2To connect to the Logan Wi-Fi network, first insert or activate your Wi-Fi network card in your computer, then turn on your computer, then open a web browser and you should see the welcome page. If you do not see the welcome page, try connecting to If you still do not see the welcome page, you may have to configure your SSID.
A3Internet connectivity for a 24-hour period is available for $7.95.
A4You will be prompted to pay by credit card when you attempt to connect to the Internet through your web browser."

Via Dave Winer


Anonymous said...

(Bob)>> Sure, I noticed this myself on my last trip out of Boston last week. My reaction was: Who spends 24 hours in the airport before a flight? I only wanted an hour or so's worth of access, and I didn't want to pay $8 for it.

Now, if the deal was that I could put some money in and use it whenever on an hourly basis, I'd do that

pbokelly said...

I think it'll be useful -- although better if free...