Sunday, June 20, 2004

Don Box's Spoutlet: The Taligent Effect

Don Box's Spoutlet: The Taligent Effect "The Taligent effect is what happens when a group of people put adherence to a software trend first and lose sight of the value of shipping software that people will actually use.
Taligent was Apple's (and later IBM's) attempt to rewrite an existing product using the trends of the day. The product was an operating system (first called "Pink" when it was at Apple). The technology trend was objects, but because the project hung around so long without shipping, the trend at the end of the project was frameworks.
What was the net artifact of Taligent? Three beautifullyproducedbooks from Addison Wesley. That's it. No DLLs or EXEs that I can see.
Given the amount of excitement over SOA, I'm confident that there are several projects that are repeating the exercise as you read this.
As always, the book will likely be better than the movie."

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