Thursday, December 11, 2003 - TVs That Surf the Net -- Without Using a PC - TVs That Surf the Net -- Without Using a PC: "... Sony, which also is aggressively developing smart gadgets, boasts its next generation of consumer-electronics devices will surpass PCs in speed and functionality. Sony is spending ¥200 billion ($1.86 billion) on the chip to power those devices, which it is creating in collaboration with Toshiba and International Business Machines Corp.
And Sony's latest home-electronics device, a cross between a video-game machine and a DVD recorder called the PSX, already can pull up and play movies stored on its hard drive faster than most PCs can. The PSX runs on a chip Sony and Toshiba developed for Sony's PlayStation 2.
'We're bringing the PC into the living room,' says Akira Shimazu, one of the developers of the PSX."

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