Tuesday, December 16, 2003

WSJ.com - High-Tech Pioneer Leaves Cisco To Return to Start-Up Life

WSJ.com - High-Tech Pioneer Leaves Cisco To Return to Start-Up Life: "High-tech pioneer Andreas Bechtolsheim is leaving Cisco Systems Inc. after seven years to try start-up life again.
Mr. Bechtolsheim, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems Inc., resigned from Cisco, effective Tuesday. Cisco told employees of the move late Monday. Mr. Bechtolsheim, 48 years old, declined in an interview to say what he would do next, saying only, 'My entrepreneurial roots are taking hold and I have a sudden urge to pursue a new venture.'
In September, Mr. Bechtolsheim said he had funded a start-up, with Cisco's permission, called Kealia Inc. that is working on unspecified technology involving computer servers. Others familiar with the matter Kealia is working on computers that would help distribute movies and other digital content over networks. In the past 12 months, Mr. Bechtolsheim has registered six trademarks including forms of the words "stream" or "net." In September, Mr. Bechtolsheim said Cisco wasn't an investor in Kealia.
Monday, Mr. Bechtolsheim declined to say whether he would be working full time on Kealia. He also declined to say whether his new venture would include Bill Joy, another Sun co-founder who left Sun several months ago."

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