Wednesday, December 03, 2003 At last, Microsoft is seeing the bigger picture At last, Microsoft is seeing the bigger picture "We don't usually associate Microsoft with true enterprise computing. As long as the company's preferred approach to scalability is to add extra servers and compound management problems in the process, it is difficult to see how large scale businesses could operate successfully using only the Microsoft platform. However, there is some evidence that things will start to look different from 2004.

It is not that Microsoft is changing its point of view towards the use of server technology. In that respect, it is still difficult to see the concept of a 'Windows Enterprise' ever coming to fruition. What we can see is an evolving strategy of management and control that will make this environment much more manageable. Once the manageability argument has been faced and handled to the satisfaction of Microsoft customers, we may find that this major objection to Windows in the enterprise starts to fade."

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