Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Creator of Linux Defends Its Originality

Creator of Linux Defends Its Originality: "The files listed in SCO's letter are written in the C programming language. Citing two files, 'include/linux/ctype.h' and 'lib/ctype.h,' Mr. Torvalds said 'some trivial digging shows that those files are actually there in the original 0.01 distribution of Linux' in September 1991.
'I wrote them,' Mr. Torvalds noted, 'and looking at the original ones I'm a bit ashamed.'
He observed that some of the macros, or programming shortcuts, are 'so horribly ugly that I wouldn't admit to writing them if it wasn't because somebody else claimed to have done so ;)' - ending his comment with the e-mail symbol for winking and smiling."

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