Monday, December 01, 2003 - IBM Plans Reorganization Of $13.1B Software Ops - FT - IBM Plans Reorganization Of $13.1B Software Ops - FT: "International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) plans to reorganize its $13.1 billion software business, beginning in early January, the Financial Times reported Monday.
According to the report, IBM will split its software business into 12 industry segments - such as retail, manufacturing and financial services - in an effort to attract third-party software application companies and companies that seek to automate business processes.
The Financial Times's report, which cited Steve Mills, head of IBM's software business, said the company plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to boost its sales in advance of an upturn of corporate technology spending. The change is a reflection of a broader trend toward vertical marketing in the software industry, the paper noted.
IBM's direct sales and support staff of more than 13,000 people will be reorganized and will 'redirect the work of about 20,000 software engineers,' according to the Financial Times."

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