Monday, December 22, 2003

Barron's Online - Technology Trader: BEA: the Spice of Life?

Barron's Online - Technology Trader: BEA: the Spice of Life?: "'I can't imagine Microsoft and IBM splitting the whole market between themselves,' says Scott Dietzen, chief technical officer for BEA. Microsoft will always encourage programmers to build applications on top of its Windows platform. So BEA won't have to compete against Microsoft for sales into the growing population of systems that use Linux software, says Dietzen. Against IBM, Dietzen claims that BEA has the advantage of a simpler, easier-to-use product -- as well as the allegiance of consultants like Accenture, which compete with IBM's own consulting services unit. The computers used in enterprise data centers will always be heterogeneous, says BEA's Dietzen.
BEA's tech chief, Dietzen, talks of a future in which an app-server like BEA's plays a Windows-like role for networked applications. It's always nice to hope."

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