Friday, December 05, 2003

Goodbye, Microsoft Millionaires :: AO

Goodbye, Microsoft Millionaires :: AO: "At times, you have been very unpopular in Silicon Valley. There are business people in the Valley who have decided that you are their target. What do you think engenders this antagonism?
Gates: When a company is as successful as Microsoft, I think it’s very legitimate for others to say, ‘Hey, let’s start companies to compete with them.’ And the line between lots of vigorous competition and more of a personal feeling against a particular individual can get blurred. It’s not clear where that line is drawn. Although, when Larry talks about his jet fighter bombing my family, he might have crossed over the line. And there might be other people who cross over the line.
Are you talking about Scott McNealy?
Gates: Maybe. In any case, you do get used to it. Do I care? Actually, in a funny way I do care. I think that jealousy has driven my competitors to more mistakes than any other factor I can name."

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