Monday, July 14, 2003 Vox Populi: Web Services From the Grassroots [Jul. 08, 2003] Vox Populi: Web Services From the Grassroots [Jul. 08, 2003] "Is this technically better than RSS? It clearly is better. The ambiguities are gone, the metadata is more precise, the ability to provide rich and accurate content is now provided, and the use of XML is quite clean. Unlike RSS, it's feasible to define a schema for Necho. DTDs, XML Schema, and Relax NG are all in the works. In other words, validation won't require a special-built validator. News aggregators and other RSS consumers -- if they are written as XML applications -- should have an easier job of presenting more information to their users. Generating a Necho feed does not look to be that much harder than generating an RSS feed, only requiring the tweaking of a few output statements or templates. Creating a Necho-to-RSS stylesheet in XSLT should be fairly straightforward. So from the technical front, it looks like everyone will win.
Is it politically and socially better? The jury is still out. Radical format changes rarely win converts, and there are many who believe that the window of opportunity for change has already passed."

Via Chris Sells

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