Monday, July 07, 2003

Adobe pares Mac support | CNET

Adobe pares Mac support | CNET "Adobe, a specialist in publishing and imaging applications, will announce a new version of Premiere, its main application for editing digital video. The new Premiere Pro will work only on PCs running Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, ending years of support for the Mac OS.
David Trescot, senior director of Adobe's digital video products group, said the new edition of Premiere is a complete rewrite of the application and it didn't make financial sense to support the Mac anymore.
"We were rewriting Premiere from scratch, and it would have taken a lot of work to have cross-platform support," Trescot said.
The Mac already has several competing video-editing applications, including Apple's Final Cut family of products, making for a small and crowded market, he said.
"If Apple's already doing an application, it makes the market for a third-party developer that much smaller," Trescot said. "I think you're going to find that more and more--if Apple's in a software market, third-party vendors are going to skip it."

And if you think digital imaging/video aren't strategic to Adobe, take a look at the revenue sources bar chart in this article.

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