Thursday, July 17, 2003

JD on MX: Longhorn prototyped in Director

JD on MX: Longhorn prototyped in Director "Longhorn prototyped in Director: Robert Scoble is an outward-facing evangelist at Microsoft, so I guess this is on the level: "I've been thinking about Marc Canter's comment yesterday that Microsoft doesn't care about developers. You know, if it weren't for developers, there probably wouldn't be Longhorn. What do I mean? The next version of Windows was prototyped on one of the products that Mark built. You know, Macromedia Director? Whoa, you mean Microsoft uses a product that was designed about 20 years ago? Yes! It's a great product and helps us get ideas tested before committing them to actual code."
Later on, though, he says that Flash makes Macromedia more money than anything Microsoft does (Dreamweaver's bigger... see slide 5), so I'm not sure of the entire set of quotes here."

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