Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Scripting News in Manila

Scripting News in Manila: "I keep a file of sensitive stuff that I've deleted from Scripting News, stuff I found too personal, more vulnerability than I wanted. It helped to do the writing, but once I saw it in public, I got scared, and took it down. Now that people have set up a system to record everything on Scripting that I post within five minute intervals, I don't think I'll be writing any more of that stuff here. I guess it's time for weblogs to become like television. Polished and politically correct. Impersonal. Commercial. That's what they're really saying. When there's no room to change your mind, there's no way to take a chance. That's about it. They found a way to stop me from taking chances."

This isn't a binary equation; blogs are fine for more personal themes when they have sufficient role-based security/privacy/access control/etc., but for unrestricted domains, think scripta manent (writing remains) and occasionally ponder what Google did with Usenet content etc...

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