Thursday, July 31, 2003

Microsoft Outlines the Future of Visual Studio

Microsoft Outlines the Future of Visual Studio "In New York yesterday, Microsoft representatives discussed the next two versions of Visual Studio, including the "Whidbey" release, due in late 2004 alongside SQL Server "Yukon," and the "Orcas" release, which will be part of the late 2005 Longhorn wave of products that includes a dramatic new Windows and Microsoft Office versions. Most of the discussion centered around the Whidbey release, naturally, but Microsoft noted that the Orcas release would take advantage of Windows Longhorn features such as managed interfaces, enhanced UI features, new trustworthy computing and security models, new application model, improved communication and collaboration, integrated data storage, and innovations in presentation and media. Visual Studio Whidbey and applications written with that product will run on the "landmark" Longhorn OS, Microsoft representatives said."

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