Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Meeting of the Minds - Computerworld

Meeting of the Minds - Computerworld "At Lowe, Schoonover was confronting an issue many global companies face: the need to match the agility of smaller competitors. "Clients want turnaround in a couple days with great ideas," he explains. "How do we -- a large, multinational organization -- respond against small, creative hot shops waiting to eat our lunch?"
For Lowe, software called Groove from Groove Networks Inc. in Beverly, Mass., is facilitating a swarming approach that enables quick collaboration among internal and external talent.
Groove gets around connectivity problems in Asia by chopping files into small pieces and sending them one at a time as the connection allows. That means high-bandwidth messages and even video files, which previously often crashed in midtransmission, can be safely shared, Schoonover says."

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