Thursday, July 17, 2003

Marc Canter: AOL personal portals!

AOL personal portals!
"Jonathan Miller (of AOL)nbspis on stage at Stanford's AlwaysOn conference for the first time publicly showing AOL 9.0's roll-your-own personal portal for consumers. ISPs must respond in kind. The days of portals just for businesses have ended. As well as AOL Journals, a blogging service.
AOL will introduce publish-and-subscribe calendars later this year, Miller says. Will they use interoperable Internet calendaring standards, or will AOL users be locked in AOL's calendaring trunk?
Bob Frankston asks what business AOL is in, and whether that's akin to the old monopolistic phone company. With no mention this morning of Internet standards in the areas of presence, video or calendaring, I'm guessing Frankston's mention of the old Ma Bell makes sense. Fortunately, the Internet can route around non-standard presence, video and calendaring. [Scott Mace's Radio Weblog]
These comments by Scott Mace from the Always On conference mean I can finally show some of the work we did for AOL over two years ago.nbsp It seems they're doing a lot of what we told them to do. I just love the idea of 30M end-users creating their own 'personal portals'.nbsp This is great news!
It won't be too hard for us to create complementary products that understand the digital lifestyle scenario.

Here's an interface for young girls (something Mimi will use soon.....)

And here's an interface - based upon a refridgerator.....

I just LOVE the idea of AOL opffering personal portals!"

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