Friday, July 04, 2003

RSS killed the Infoglut Star

RSS killed the Infoglut Star

"It's "all RSS, all the time" this week in my weblog, and my weekly column for InfoWorld is no different.nbsp In this week's installment, I write about how RSS has really changed the way I consume information for the better:

It's fairly common knowledge in pop-culture trivia circles that the first video to air on MTV was the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star," a song with a title that proved prophetic in its bold announcement of a shift in the way music was consumed and marketed. Something similar but perhaps just as profound is happening with the delivery of information online with tools that leverage RSS [read the rest here]

It's truly amazing how something so simple -- almost dumb -- can make such a difference, but trust me, it does."

All true, but I think the next few steps are going to be a lot more challening than most people seem to expect. Categorization, dynamic (including content-based) access control and privileges, robust replication, security, and privacy -- if you want to get a sense of the future of RSS-based communication and information management, take a serious look at the application metamodels of Notes and Groove.

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