Sunday, May 09, 2010

How Google Wave Got Its Groove Back | Fast Company

A timely Google Wave snapshot 

Google Wave, the real-time collaboration Web application that debuted to oohs and ahhs from developers at last year's Google I/O conference, met with a whole lot of "what do I use this for?" from actual users of its invitation-only preview release. In preparation for this year's I/O, Wave's seen several updates that could rekindle interest in the fascinating but confusing tool. If you haven't looked at Wave recently, here's what's new.

The author’s background:

Gina Trapani's fascination with Wave led her to author The Complete Guide to Google Wave, which is available to read for free on the Web.

To view the full article, with a live, embedded Wave instance, you’ll need to use Chrome or Firefox, as otherwise you will see:

Google Wave does not yet support embedding waves in Internet Explorer.

Please open this webpage in Google Chrome or Firefox to view the wave.

How Google Wave Got Its Groove Back | Fast Company

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