Wednesday, November 04, 2009

End to a Fight Over Skype May Be Near -

More details on the past, present, and likely future of Skype

According to a person with knowledge of its legal strategy, eBay was prepared to argue that it was Mr. Zennstrom himself who, as chief executive of Skype until late 2007, closely intertwined the Skype and Joltid code and made it difficult for eBay to make changes to Skype without violating its Joltid contract.

But even the act of fighting the lawsuit seemed likely to damage the reputations of everyone involved. For example, in some of the e-mail messages entered into evidence and made public, between Mr. Volpi and Danny Rimer, a fellow partner at Index Ventures, Mr. Volpi frankly assessed the strengths and weaknesses of other members of the deal-making team.

End to a Fight Over Skype May Be Near -

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