Thursday, November 05, 2009

BlackBerry Offers Low-Hanging Fruit -

Another take on mobile market dynamics

Is smart-phone pioneer BlackBerry in danger of becoming the AOL of the mobile-device market?

Verizon Wireless's launch on Friday of the Droid phone, a Motorola-built handset using Google's Android operating system, signals the opening of a new front in the smart-phone war. Early buzz on the Droid suggests it may be the strongest competitor to Apple's iPhone so far. But it is BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, more than Apple, that is particularly vulnerable.

BlackBerry has failed to build on the popularity of its email service with a robust Internet browser. That wasn't a major issue while the iPhone, available only on AT&T, was the only other game in town. But now the array of competitive smart phones includes the Palm Pre on Sprint Nextel as well as the Droid.



(Kind of a strange chart title, since the Droid just became available, but…)

BlackBerry Offers Low-Hanging Fruit -

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