Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Placid North Dakota Asks, What Recession? -

Lots of jobs available… in North Dakota

North Dakota’s cheery circumstance — which economic analysts are quick to warn is showing clear signs that it, too, may be in jeopardy — can be explained by an odd collection of factors: a recent surge in oil production that catapulted the state to fifth-largest producer in the nation; a mostly strong year for farmers (agriculture is the state’s biggest business); and a conservative, steady, never-fancy culture that has nurtured fewer sudden booms of wealth like those seen elsewhere (“Our banks don’t do those goofy loans,” Mr. Theel said) and also fewer tumultuous slumps.


“Our problem is that everybody thinks that it’s a cold, miserable place to live,” said Bob Stenehjem, a Republican and the State Senate’s majority leader. “They’re wrong, of course. But North Dakota is a pretty well-kept secret.”

Actually, it is a cold and miserable place to live, in winter; in summer, it’s a hot, humid, and mosquito-infested place to live.  (I grew up there…)

A Placid North Dakota Asks, What Recession? -

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