Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Document Interoperability Initiative Demonstrates Momentum and Results

More Open XML and ODF evolution; see the full press release for more details

Through the Document Interoperability Initiative (DII) global forums, technology leaders have been working together to promote interoperability between different document format implementations to provide greater value and choice to customers, and the events — including one held in Belgium this week — are yielding practical results.

Interoperability solutions announced today translate Open XML documents to a Web page (HTML) allowing readability on Web-friendly browsers such as Firefox, improve translations between different formats through optimized templates, and enable features that provide greater choice for customers and opportunities for independent software developers as they create and use business applications built on Java that manipulate business documents. At the DII events, discussions were also held about developing document test libraries and schema validators, and vendors had the opportunity to test their implementations of document formats in a lab environment to identify potential issues to be addressed.

Document Interoperability Initiative Demonstrates Momentum and Results: Industry collaboration leads to new interoperability solutions that deliver customer choice by improving how documents work across platforms.

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