Thursday, December 04, 2008

Business Technology : A Zune Obama Can Believe In

Best Zune PR of the year…

In the past, President Elect Barack Obama has declared himself, like President George W. Bush, an iPod user. It makes sense: the commander-in-chief, and all who aspire to the position, naturally should want to enjoy music on the MP3 player with the most commanding market share.

So what was Obama doing working out at the Philadelphia Sports Club earlier this week listening to a….Zune? Neal Santos, an associate Web editor with the Philadelphia City Paper, posted an item Tuesday on the news weekly’s site about how he recently found himself running on a treadmill next to the president elect as Obama read a copy of USA Today and listened to a Zune.


Given Obama’s past statements to Rolling Stone magazine, the Zune sighting suggests the president elect is an owner of both an iPod and a Zune, which would be a bold demonstration of bipartisan unity. There’s also the more troubling (for Microsoft) possibility that Obama thought he had an iPod, when he actually had a Zune.

Microsoft isn’t second guessing the Zune sighting. “Clearly the president elect has great taste,” a spokeswoman for the company said.

Business Technology : A Zune Obama Can Believe In

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