Friday, December 05, 2008

Business Technology : Obama ZuneGate, Day Two


But today a spokesman puts the vicious rumor to rest. “Not true, the President-elect uses an iPod,” he says. And the Philadelphia writer, Neal Santos, blogs today: “It could belong to one of the many Secret Service dudes that were at the gym, Michelle, or even one of his daughters.”

That hasn’t stopped the merriment within the community — and yes, there is one — of Zune users, who are drastically outnumbered by iPod fans.

“For now we’re claiming the president-elect one of our own,” writes Adam Krebs on Zune Thoughts. On the site’s forums, Alber1690 writes “I was a staunch Hillary supporter, but this is awesome! I’m excited for the future of this country.”

Business Technology : Obama ZuneGate, Day Two

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