Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The Politicians Are Coming for Silicon Valley -- NYT

From Kara Swisher's latest NYT column:
"“It’s how democracies are done, having to justify yourself and your actions in public,” an employee of one of these companies who asked to remain anonymous told me. “And admitting you got things wrong.”

Truth. But it will be the drilling down — and not just the sound bites — that will be key. That includes requiring Ms. Sandberg and Mr. Dorsey to provide deep specifics on how well the platforms have cleaned up fake accounts; how transparent they have made the buying and selling of online political ads (and maybe all ads); and how much progress they have made in demoting and deleting fake news.

Also critical is explaining how and why they let their platforms be so easily manipulated to begin with. This will perhaps require admitting that bad actors used them in exactly the way they were built to be used."
The Politicians Are Coming for Silicon Valley -- NYT

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