Thursday, September 27, 2018

Crypto and Cannabis Are the Perfect Post-Crisis Bubbles -- Bloomberg

From a timely reality check; on a related note, see New Weapon for Blockchain Startups: Nobel Prize-Winning Brains (Bloomberg)
"With cannabis, there are just a handful of companies available to invest in, especially if you live in the U.S. If the market stays hot, though, there’s no doubt we’ll see a wave of IPOs and secondary offerings and spinouts from existing companies. Plus, we’ll see opportunistic pivots—press releases from companies saying, “Hey! We’re a cannabis company now.” You almost have to feel sorry for (the former) Long Island Iced Tea Corp., the beverage company that bizarrely pivoted to blockchain at the very peak of the crypto hype last December. If it had waited only a few months, it could’ve announced some CBD-infused drink, and that might have made some business sense.
And then there’s that long dormant urge to gamble. When I asked Greenwald why he both invests in and trades cannabis stocks, he was crystal clear: “The answer is volatility.” The stocks can go up 10 percent or 20 percent in a day. Of course, they can crash, too. If you’re a disciplined investor, volatility is a threat, because it plays with your emotions and tempts you to make bad decisions. But if you’re a trader or gambler, and you’re looking for action, volatility is an asset. And these days it’s a rather scarce asset. The years 2017 and 2018 have been among the least volatile for the market on record."
Crypto and Cannabis Are the Perfect Post-Crisis Bubbles -- Bloomberg

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